Word Canoodling for your mind


Close. It’s a feeling, it’s a proximity…it’s people, it’s a place, it’s objects. They’re close. 

We are close.  Sometimes so much so, that it feels like we’re the same mind.  We think alike, laugh about things without even saying anything.  Connected at a fundamental level at all times.
Today’s blog touches on what close means to you fellow bloggers and readers.  Is it that touch or maybe a smell that brings back a fond memory or felling of closeness?  Or is it more object oriented for you?
Closeness to me means all those things, but mostly how close I am to my family and my friends in spirit if not always in presence.  It’s Thanksgiving day surrounded by those who mean the most to us, or even a stranger we’ve invited in to dine with us.  It’s that chilly morning that Tina and I snuggle up close to one another to feel the warmth of our skin.  It’s the love and the loss I’ve felt over the past year of people so very close to me.
It’s a good book I’ve finished and long to experience again.  And it’s more.
What’s your’s?

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