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Eulogy for Grandpa Doug Ellison as written by Alyssa Ellison

This is very late, but I’ve not had the strength of heart to post it.

My daughter Alyssa, wrote this beautiful piece just before we lost my dad in July.  It was a school project and she choose to pick her grandfather for the subject, knowing how his time with us was quickly slipping away.

Alyssa, I hope you know just how much this means to me.  I only wished I had shared it with dad before he passed, but I was afraid of upsetting him.  Now, in hind sight, I would have told him a lot more and not held anything back.

I love you baby girl.  Thank you for the wonderful memory of dad you’ve created for us.

“My Grandpa “

Very stubborn , independent , crazy at times but mostly loving
Lover of his family , dogs , and West Virginia
Who believed in fairness and the “Golden Rule “
Who wanted to complete his bucket list with Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman
Who was the most amazing Grandfather & father anyone could ask for .
Who gave us the world when we wanted it & gave us all his love every moment he could
Who you always catch saying “I love you , Man “
My grandpa who is truly an honest , hilarious , outstanding, caring man that you would  never forget when you met him.

~Alyssa Ellison


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