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Don’t Weep for Me

Dad had me looking for a specific poem several weeks ago.  Something he’d seen or read before that he wanted to share with his brother and sister.  I found this one instead and he liked it so I made a copy.  It brings me a little comfort reading it and today was a little better. I still have trouble being alone or sitting too long where I tend to think too much, but all I can do is take this one day at a time.  
I’m sharing the poem with you, in hopes that it might bring someone else comfort in a time of need.  I will share the actual poem dad was looking for tomorrow.
Don’t Weep For Me 

If ever you should get the word; 
That I went unexpectedly. 
Please don’t waste your precious time; 
Crying needless tears for me. 

If I was to leave tomorrow; 
For a far much better place. 
Please know that I would see you; 
And would look upon your face. 

No matter where, or when I go; 
I will always be with you. 
Right there, always at your side; 
Helping to see you through. 

And know that we will meet again; 
In a far off, better land. 
Where we will hug each other again; 
And walk together, hand in hand. 

I will always treasure what we had; 
And you’re forever in my heart. 
And remember the precious life we shared; 
For you played a most important part. 

So, don’t shed any tears for me; 
Be happy that I have gone. 
For I’ll be with my loved ones then; 
And will never again, be alone. 

Spend your precious time on earth; 
Helping those that are now left here. 
And making other friends to love; 
Remembering, I will always be near. 

Weep not for those that have gone on; 
For they are now at peace. 
They took that final walk towards home; 
And all their pain and trials have ceased. 


© Betty Hawkins 2003 


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