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Honesty, Respect and Sex with Celebrities

In a recent discussion, I mentioned how much I love Pink, and joked about her being on my “freebie list”.  My cousin responded with, “funny how you don’t have to explain what a freebie list is as we all have one”, which leads me to this post.

It’s harder than you’d think…coming up with the list.  Perverts.  I always thought I had it figured out in my head and never ever put it to paper.  Tina and I joke about each of ours all the time, but when you really stop to think about it, it’s damn hard picking one hottie over another.  I managed it and without further ado, I present you with my top 5 celebrities freebies, in absolutely no particular order.

Drew Barrymore

Not hard to see this one I think.  She resembles my wife a lot, but I’ve had a thing for her since she started making a comeback in 1993 in Wayne’s World.  

She’s beautiful both naturally and when she’s on the red carpet.  Down to earth and humble enough to date a guy who went through hell to just meet her, I figure if I had a chance with anyone, it’s Drew.

Zooey Deschanel

She’s been around for a while now, but she’s so damn cute and she’s getting more popular by the day.  I first saw her in Almost Famous and I’ve watched most everything she’s done since.  Some good, some bad but she’s always easy to look at.

As an added bonus, she has a nice singing voice.  Those big eyes of hers are intoxicating to look into and like Drew, she has that natural beauty that puts her tops on my list.   

Rachel McAdams

Loved her in Hot Chick, even more in Mean Girls but fell head over heels for her in The Notebook.  Yes, I watch chick flicks so what?  Moving on…

I don’t care what hair color she has, if it’s cut short or long or if she’s in sweats or a dress and Rachel just gets prettier with age.  

She is by far, my top celebrity freebie.  Tina will even taunt me with her if she’s on TV or if she’s been dating some new beau.  It was hard even picking out my favorite picture of her as I drooled over each trying to decide.

Eva Green

Eva caught my eye in the awful Kingdom of Heaven.  She was the one thing that kept me struggling through the film.  But it was Vesper Lynd that really drove her beauty home in Casino Royale.  Eva screams sexy.  She’s just hot and has those beautiful green bedroom eyes that are haunting and alluring at the same time.

I recently caught her in the new Starz original, Camelot and she’s a very, very bad girl.  The show itself is very, very slow and I begrudgingly suffer through each episode whenever Eva is absent from the screen.

Pink, aka Alecia Beth Moore

Alecia is one of the few women who wear their hair short and wear it very well.  Her style is ever changing, but she’s beautiful in anything.  While her style of music is not always my “cup of tea”, there are the occasional songs that take me by surprise and more often than not, I find myself giving her albums another listen.

Alecia is different, but in ways that pronounce her beauty and her soul.  Most people are surprised she’s on my list, but they’d be even more surprised to know the runner ups I cut from list as well.  She is elegant and punk, wrapped up with a sultry voice that makes me melt when I hear her speak.  She’s just a cool chick and she’d probably tear me up in the bedroom.

Oh, and she loves bullies.


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