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I like your Shooooooes

I was taking Drew to school today and we pulled up behind one of her classmates. His mom was getting out of her truck to get him and his little sister out of the passenger side and Drew says to me “That’s Nick’s mom.”

As I’m getting out of the car and proceed to get Drew unbuckled from the car seat she says, “Come on Dad!!! We gotta go!”

“Really?”, I asked. What’s the rush?

“Just come on.”, she says.

We are now walking at a fast pace AROUND Nick, his mom and his sister.

“I can run”, Drew says. “I’m feeling much better today.”

“No, I think we’ll walk.” But we walk very briskly to the back of the school for her class. Drew points out several other classmates along the way, but we seem to be in a race to get to the door.

I manage to get a hug AND a kiss out of her today. A feat that is no small miracle, when normally she usually runs right for the sign in board and then for the tables with her friends. But today, we seem to be lingering by the classroom door.

I sign her in and she says goodbye and heads off for her day.

On my way out, I pass Nick, his mom and his little sister. Mom is saying something about how Drew has already made it to class because little sister is taking her time. She’s cute as a button with little curls and singing to herself and taking in the scenery without a care in the world.

As I pass by I tell her that I like her shoes and she says to me “And I like your Shooooooooooes!”, with a big old grin and without missing a beat to her little tune. Her mom and I crack up and I head back to the car.

I call Tina to tell her that our “Package” has been delivered as I do every morning after dropping Drew off at school and tell her my story. As I do, I remember the previous night’s conversation with our daughter about her friends in class. Not one girls name was mentioned. All boys.

Tina turned to me and said, “We’re gonna have our hands full with this one”.

To which Drew replied, “You sure are.”

This Sunday, I’m going shopping for that shotgun and I’m signing Mooch up for Teenage Boy Chew-toy Training.


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