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Amelia Island

Off on another business trip. This time, not so far from home. We’re staying at Ameila Island, which is just East of Jacksonville. To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to it at all. If you’ve ever been to Jacksonville, you might understand. That all changed when we pulled up to the Ritz-Carlton Resort.

The hotel itself has no parking what so ever. It’s valet or you don’t drive here. The place is the very meaning of swank. The room is huge and overlooks the beach. The bed is nothing but goosedown and you literally are swallowed up by it. The bathroom is as big as most hotel bedrooms, all marble and has his and her sinks.

Each night, Room Attendants turn down the bed, leave a fresh rose, water and chocolates. The atmosphere here is amazing. Private beach access and they even have attendants there as well, waiting with towels, a bar and an open playground for the kids.

The first night here I walked out to the beach and spent about an hour just watching the sun set and the waves roll in. It’s much cooler here than in Orlando. They have beach chairs set up with umbrellas and I immediately thought of Kenny Chesney’s “Old Blue Chair” as I sat in one to relax. The water here is much cleaner than I would have thought for it being so close to Jacksonville and is much nicer even than Daytona, New Symyrna or Cocoa.

I have to say I’m impressed and will probably be bringing the wife back as soon as we can, although it’s pretty pricey. I’ll post pics soon


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