Word Canoodling for your mind

Los Angeles

Pretty uneventful flight. Aside from the usual California delays we seem to be having due to some midwestern storm activity, everything else seems to be going OK. Right landing gear was acting up a bit, but eventually seemed to cooperate and we landed with no issues.

No headaches this time. I don’t know what the deal is with that. I swear it must just be piss poor plane pressurization or something. We’ll just call it the Four P’s for short.

I’m staying at the Renaissance Hotel, Los Angeles, just down the road from the airport. I thought it would be a restless night, but I can’t hear the planes over the TV in the room next to me.

Tomorrow ends this round trip West Coast journey and I couldn’t be more glad to get home to my family. Although I’ll be short several kids this weekend, which wasn’t the plan. Haven’t seen them in awhile and they start school soon so that kinda sucks, but my oldest is devising a plan that might work to our advantage…Go Krittabug!

Of all the legs of this trip, I’m excited mostly about this one. Tomorrow I’ll be at our EA Mobile studios as well as our EALA studios. While we’ll be cramming a crap load of meetings and visiting into one day that should have been more like 2, similar to our other visits, it will be one of the most productive days for me this whole trip. Not to mention, it’s another set of studios I’ve not yet seen, especially with EA Mobile. But most of all, when it’s all said and done, I get to board a plane that will take me home to my family.

Hopefully, the next time I’m writing in this thing, it will be from my own home and not at the desk of some strange hotel room…


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