Word Canoodling for your mind

San Francisco

Arrived very late from Vancouver. Flight was delayed due to problems with origination flight from San Francisco. I get very bad headaches on some flights and I don’t know why. Never been able to figure it out and the best the Doc’s can tell me is that it’s due to pressure. I have to assume that that has something to do with it because my boss said he could see his water bottle crushing with the pressure in the plane. I had no problems from Orlando to Vancouver, but from Vancouver to San Fran, was the same old story.

I’ll admit the headache wasn’t as bad as previous ones, but it was there just the same. I just hope the flight to LA tomorrow isn’t that bad and the flight home to Orlando as well.

I’ve been to San Fran before on business and with Tina, my wife. Beautiful city and probably one of the most clean that I’ve ever seen. We’d hoped to have some time to visit the Muir woods just outside of Redwood City which is one of the more famous Redwood Forests in California, but we’ve had so many meetings and ran so late, by the time we got to dinner, the sun was setting and the park was closing so it wasn’t meant to be.

Speaking of dinner, it’s the first time I’ve drank in a long time. The guys from work insisted that I join them in a round of Tequila and so I obliged being that is was one of our groups first times drinking Tequila ever. One round led to another and we finished dinner and headed back to the hotel.

At the hotel we decided to visit the bar and not quite call it a night. We talked about work and non-work related stuff and I decided that 8 AM was coming too early for me so I turned in for the night ahead of everyone else. The discussions had turned to politics and religion and that was a key sign it was time for me to leave anyway.

I’m looking forward to wrapping this trip up Friday. I want to go home and see my family and get life back to normal.


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