Word Canoodling for your mind


I’m traveling for work. West Coast round trip visit and we’re starting off in Vancouver. We arrived yesterday, my Birthday, and we’re leaving tomorrow around 6 PM PST to head for San Francisco. We’ll stay there 2 days and then hit LA for 1 day Friday and leave on a red eye that night at 10:45 to come home.

Vancouver is in Canada, for those of you who failed Geography. It’s still on the West Coast though, and nestled between a beautiful mountain range and a Sea Coast, much like the Bay of San Francisco.

We have one of the largest and in my opinion most beautiful EA campus’ Worldwide located in Vancouver. The architechture of the building is just stunning, the amenities are without a doubt awesome and the location is breathtaking. It’s truly a creative atmosphere when you can look out your window and see mountain ranges surrounding your office building in the distance.

We had dinner tonight at a place called Grouse Mountain, named after a local bird that resembles a pheasent. It’s one of the tallest points in Vancouver and is a popular Ski area during the winter months. There is a restaurant there that we decided to eat at this evening that over looks all of Vancouver from your dining area is gorgeous. After dinner we took a ski lift down the mountain and back up, even though there was no snow to ski with. There was snow in a bank to the side of a run off ditch however. The temperature was around 45 degrees on the Ski lift in the shade, which was most of the way down.

Tomorrow we depart for San Francisco as I mentioned. We hope to be able to get to the Redwood Forests if time permits. We’ll see what happens.


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